Golf shots come in many forms, generated from fourteen clubs in your bag. From drives to putts and everything in between, the new TPS 5.0 tracks every single one of those shots. Relentlessly.

With the introduction of Performance Putting, this first generation data points track the entire journey of the ball, from impact to stand still.

On every club, shot and putt, TrackMan's got you covered

Upgrade to the latest software version for your TrackMan radar, regardless of model and software subscription status.

The new features in TPS 5.0 are:

  • Performance Putting
  • Animated Ball Trajectory on video playback
  • Live Video via iOS Camera App
  • Accelerated Video Transfer for wired cameras
  • Video Zoom-In
  • Improved Table View

Experience a new and better TPS already today.

Install the TPS:

1. Download the TPS 5.0 (5.0.263)

2. Disconnect your TrackMan radar

3. Run the installer and follow the instructions  

For TM4/TM3e customers: Make sure to install the latest firmware when prompted.  

(Feature availability depends on your current subscription status)
Download previous version here