Steven Orr TrackMan MasterSteven Orr
PGA Advanced Fellow Professional
England Golf Regional Coach




Originally from Glasgow, Scotland but now living in the south of England for the last 11 years, Steven is a full time coach and Director of Coaching for Cranfield Golf Academies. He has several roles in the game that cover both player and coach development. He is a tutor/assessor for the PGA of Great Britain and consults for the R and A/PGA of Europe in various countries on coach/player development related subjects.

Within player development, Steven is an England Golf Regional Coach overseeing the development of the best players in the south-east of the country and is a lead coach within the Sussex Performance Academy as well as working with players from beginner level to tournament professionals.

His coaching is driven mainly by an attempt to understand 3 main questions:

  • How do we most effectively learn the golf swing/develop golf skill?
  • What are the key factors that produce peak performance in the playing environment?
  • How does a golf coach become more expert over time?

In an effort to better understand these questions, he is close to completing a Masters degree in sports coaching at The University of Birmingham, UK. Trackman has been an enormous help and addition to his coaching toolbox in helping his pupils both develop technique/skill as well as learning to perform better on the course, where it matters.