Gary Nicol
Director of Coaching
TPEGS Ultimate Golf Experiences
Archerfield Links




Gary Nicol is Coaching Director and Co-Founder along with former Ryder Cup player Andrew Coltart, of at Archerfield Links on Scotland's Golf Coast.

He has been coaching golf since the late 1980 and has helped thousands of golfers around the world, including over 30 European Tour Pros and numerous Ryder Cup players, amassing 10 European Tour wins as a coach.

Gary has coached at all 4 Majors and loves to share the knowledge and expertise gained from these experiences with visitors to TPEGS (Tour Pro Experience Golf Schools) at the world's first Nike Performance & Fitting Centre in his own inimitable style.

Combining his personal experience with industry leading TrackMan precision swing and ball flight analysis allows Gary to simplify the game of golf for his students enabling them to unleash their true potential as golfers. Look out for TPEGS instruction in Today's Golfer magazine.