Dear TrackMan Customer,

TrackMan is very pleased to announce the release of TPS v2.4. With this release we introduce our next great feature…Test Center. For more information on Test Center and the features available, please watch the following short video.

*NOTE – To update to TPS v2.4, a valid software license of April 1, 2013 or later is needed. To locate your “software maintenance expiration” connect your radar to your TPS computer and go to ‘About’ under the ‘HOME’ tab in the TPS software. If you would like to update your software license or have any questions, please contact

New features available in the TPS v2.4 software:

Wireless video available for TrackMan IIIe

  • Test Center
  • New model swings
  • New drawing tools in the TPS Video
  • Club data enabled in Short Game mode for TrackMan IIIe
  • SDK support for TrackMan IIIe

The following is very important information for TrackMan IIIe owners.

How To Update Your TrackMan IIIe

Please watch the video to the right which shows you how to upgrade the software and firmware for your TrackMan IIIe wireless radar. It is mandatory that IIIe customers upgrade their radar’s firmware in order for the new TPS v2.4 software to work.

TrackMan II/III Owners

To install the new TPS v2.4 software, you will need to visit and log in to your support account. If you do not have a support account, you can create one for free. After you have logged in to your support account, you will see a DOWNLOAD button near the bottom left. Click on the DOWNLOAD button to find the TrackMan Performance Studio software.

If you currently have a TrackMan II or TrackMan III radar and are interested in upgrading to the wireless TrackMan radar (TMAN IIIe), please contact your local sales representative or

If you have any issues upgrading the software or firmware, please contact

We hope that you enjoy the new features available in the TrackMan Performance Studio software. Be on the lookout for information about upcoming changes to Local TrackMan Combine leaderboards and TrackMan Facility features are on their way!


The TrackMan Team

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TPS Tutorials (2.4)

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