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TrackMan Simplifies Teaching

I wanted to share some thoughts with you on how TrackMan can help to sim- plify what is going on in your golf swing. There are a few misconceptions out there about what TrackMan is. Trackman is a diagnostic tool. It is a Doppler radar device that analyzes impact, tracks your ball flight and tells you exactly what your ball did and why. It is vital to know this information if you want to fix things as quickly as possible.

TrackMan is a high-tech device, but it helps to simplify why your ball is flying in a certain direction. I have had so many people comment on how this information has made it easy to understand what they were doing and why they couldn’t fix their ball flight.

I can best compare this to a high-tech diagnostic device that tells you what is wrong with your heart. This device examines your arteries, veins and chambers of the heart. You don’t have to know how to use it or even understand it. The Doctor will tell you what’s wrong and he will come up with a plan to fix it. You don’t have to be the least bit technical to benefit from using this machine. Here is a quote from a Doctor using a device like this: “This device helps us make better, more in- formed decisions and is a more effective means of assessment.”. That is why I bought a TrackMan.

I try to keep things as simple as possible with my teaching. I teach shortgame, putting, the mental game and course management to get my students to shoot lower scores. My teaching is not just about TrackMan, but understanding TrackMan and the science behind it has helped me become a better teacher. I am now able to quickly help my students understand what they are doing. This allows them to use their practice time much more efficiently.

I had a lesson with PCC Member Pat Kelly last weekend and he sent me the following message. “Hi Mark - thanks for a great lesson yesterday! Trackman was very helpful to quickly understand my grip and swing-path”

There is a reason why Sean Foley said that “TrackMan is the greatest teaching tool ever” and why over 80 Touring Professionals use TrackMan to help them play better. Tour Players are looking to keep things as simple as possible. They would never spend thousands of dollars on a machine if it caused them to be too technical. They are able to take the information from TrackMan and turn it into a feel that they can play with.

TrackMan has simplified my teaching and allows me to get right to the issue and fix it. If you would like to try TrackMan out, but are still skeptical, I will offer you a Money-Back Guarantee.

If you are not pleased with your lesson or you think it was “too technical” I will refund your money.

Have fun and play well, manderson@pcc1854.com Mark Anderson, PGA 610-246-7331