Make Sure Your Business Can Be Located

by creating a Facility on 

Did you know the TrackMan Locator is the third most visited page on

More and more golfers are finding out about the importance of using TrackMan during their lessons, fittings, and training. In order to help our customers promote their business, we have updated how the TrackMan Locator works. Now you are in control!

Through your MyTrackMan account you have the ability to list and maintain your business on the TrackMan Locator

What you can do:

  • Create Your Listing on the TrackMan Locator
  • Edit Your Information and Keep it Up-to-date
  • Invite Coaches to the Facility
  • Create a Local Combine Leaderboard – Coming Soon!

Who can be listed on the locator?

  • TrackMan Pro customers
  • TrackMan Range customers
  • TrackMan University members

TrackMan University certified professionals will be highlighted on the map and prioritized by certification level in the locator business list.

Why should I invite Coaches to the facility?

  • Run Local Combine Leaderboards
  • Organize Your Data and Reports
  • Keep Copies of Client Records

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