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How to install Vimba 1.2.1 drivers for TPS 

Open 'Programs and Features' and check if any software from AVT is allready installed.

Uninstall 'AVT FirePackage' and earlier versions of 'AVT Vimba SDK' if they are installed.

In this example:

• Uninstall AVT FirePackage

• Uninstall AVT Vimba SDK 1.1

If this dialog shows up during uninstall close it on X

Install Vimba 1.2.1

In the installer:

1. Select the '3rd Party Applications' button

2. Press Start

In the next dialog:

1. Select Transport Layer Interface

2. Pess OK

When this dialog is shown again:

1. Select the Custom Selection button

In the list shown, check following:

1. Vimba Viewer

2. Start menu shortcut to the Vimba Viewer

3. Driver Installer

4. Start menu shortcut to the Driver Installer

5. Press OK

In next dialog press Exit

In next dialog press Exit again

Now you are done.

If you are connected with LogMeIn the connection will be lost because the installer for a short while disables the network connection as it is installing extra driver components for the network adapter.