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Welcome To The Facility Feature

Creating a facility will allow you to link your TrackMan login with the location of your choice.

Establishing this link will enable your  teaching location or TrackMan expertise to be shown on the TrackMan locator. Now clients can easily  find you based on your location.

If multiple locations are close to the search criteria, locations are ordered by stars (high to low) to indicate the highest level TrackMan Expertise available onsite (based on TrackMan University level)

: Master

: Level 2

: Level 1

: Operator

The Level of TrackMan Expertise is automatically determined from the highest TrackMan education level achieved by one of the teachers linked to your facility.

When you have created your facility, local TrackMan Combine Leaderboards for local competitions can be posted.  Below is an example what the local leaderboard looks like for MyTrackMan.com users from  The Scandinavian Golf Club .. you just select if you want to see the local or global leaderboad and the settings will be remembered. 

We have made the implemenation of local leaderboards as easy as possible, you only need to login as USER in the  TrackMan Performance Studio and new TrackMan Combine scores will automatially upload to the local leaderboard.

The facility creator or the Facility administrator can edit your facility information; invite additional administrators or teachers and change the contact person for your facility.

To be able to create your own facility you need to be a TrackMan Performance Studio (TPS) users and / or TrackMan University members with a valid membership. Your TrackMan University level will automatically be adjusted when passing one or more of the certification tests available. The new facility feature is available through the MY-DATA in the top menu after you have logged in. 

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