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About TrackMan 

TrackMan is a Danish technology company that develops, manufactures and sells 3D ball flight measurement equipment used in golf. Today, TrackMan is a world leader in ball flight and club data measurement and the company is considered to have set the industry standards for accuracy in golf, revolutionized the ball flight laws and raised the general understanding of the golf swing.

Company Facts:

  • Established in 2003
  • Sold in more than 36 countries worldwide
  • Used by professionals, amateurs and business

TrackMan A/S has HQ in Denmark and has operations in USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, China, Japan, Scandinavia, Central Europe, UK, Spain, France. We strive to assist professionals, amateurs, teachers and business with exact and easy to use quantitative analysis. Trackman wishes to give our customers the best possible foundation for game / business improvement. The key is providing quality club and ball flight measurements that you can take action on.

Our Legacy

In 2002, Dr. Klaus Eldrup-Jorgensen and his brother Morten had a vision of what golf would be like in the future. In his youth, Klaus played on the Danish National Team and even qualified for three European Tour events as an amatuer where he competed against Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros and other golfing greats. Klaus felt that teaching and golf practice literally had not changed during the last 30 years, not taking advantage of new technologies that would allow golfers to have feedback on their golfswing. Klaus and Morten, set out a vision to change that.

That vision took a step towards reality after meeting with one of the leading radar engineers in the world, Fredrik Tuxen. At the time, Fredrik was working in the radar industry where he designed solutions for military applications such as missile tracking. After discussions between Klaus, Morten and Fredrik about what was possible with radar technology, they formed TrackMan in May 2003.

Fredrik and the team he assembled spent the next years designing the first version of TrackMan, but at this point there was not a single customer. Calls were made to five of the leading manufacturers in golf with a simple message. “We have a system that can track the entire ball flight of a golf ball.” Even though the manufacturers were skeptical to say the least, the meetings were arranged. Within two weeks of those meetings, TrackMan had five new customers.
Since then the TrackMan product and name has become the gold standard for club delivery and ball flight measurements and has been used on the PGA TOUR since 2006. The TrackMan product has evolved from a R&D tool to a club fitting tool and now the most coveted teaching tool in golf. mytrackman.com allows the golfer to take advantage of the data and information collected by TrackMan. Now it’s time for you to test, track, and improve your golf game.

TrackMan's First Five Customers

Contact TrackMan

Press: info@trackman.dk

Support: support@trackman.dk