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Club Speed is the speed the club head is traveling immediately prior to impact. 

Club Speed determines a golfer’s potential distance. More club speed equals more potential distance. In fact, adding 1 mph of club speed can increase your distance by up to 3 yards with the driver. 

Technical Definition

Club Speed - The linear speed of the club head’s center of gravity at first contact with the golf ball

Tour Averages


  • Driver – 113 mph
  • 6 iron – 92 mph


  • Driver - 94 mph
  • 6 iron - 78 mph
For a full list of Tour averages, visit TrackMan PGA and LPGA Tour Averages  

TrackMan Combine Averages

Male Amateur (Driver)

  • Scratch or Better – 108 mph
  • 5 HCP – 102 mph
  • 10 HCP – 96 mph
  • Average Golfer (14.5) – 93 mph
  • Bogey Golfer – 92 mph

Female Amateur (Driver)

  • Scratch or Better – 91 mph
  • 5 HCP – 87 mph
  • 10 HCP – 84 mph
  • 15 HCP – 79 mph
For a full list of Tour averages, visit TrackMan Combine Explained

Read what our TrackMan University Masters say about club speed...

Chris Brook
PGA International Golf Coach, UK

"This is a parameter I monitor very closely when I work with players who are developing their power output or “engine”. To do this my students work hard on improving their kinematic chain (the sequencing of the pelvis first, thorax second and club third on the downswing). TrackMan enables me to record the increases in club speed as a result of the improved efficiency of the student’s kinematic sequencing."

James Leitz
Pinewood Country Club, LA, US

"I put club speed first on my tombstone list not because it is the most important, but to gauge what the player is capable of as far as carry and distance. Also, I look to see once we are in the lesson if the students speed changed from their warm up speed.  If it is slower, then I realize that the golfer is still a little protective while making changes.  It is hard to see the finished results of a swing change until full speed is reached."

Joel Mercieca
KDV Sports, Australia

"Club speed is a parameter that I refer to during both my coaching and club fitting. Without having an accurate reading of club speed, fitting students to the correct shaft flex would prove to be very difficult."

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